I'm Carol Riggs, author of clean-read young adult novels (ages 12-18, but also for adults!). 

In a world where the government monitors how much you weigh and "junk" foods are highly taxed, 17-year-old Morgan Dey accepts a job as a Reducer to help other people lose weight--while inside their bodies.
SPARES, the companion novel
Lexi Moore is obsessed with going to illegal junk food parties. This doesn’t exactly mesh with her mother being a co-founder of The Body Institute. The Institute’s method of losing weight—downloading worker minds into client bodies—has always been controversial. Danger awaits as Lexi begins to uncover the truth.  
On the planet Liberty, an eerie Machine will test Jay Lawton on his eighteenth birthday. He's worked hard all his life for his rewards...until one sleepless night when he learns a chilling truth.
Deceived into becoming a genie nearly 1000 years ago, Adeelah is forced to grant greedy masters their wishes while keeping the hope alive of somehow fulfilling her own wish to find her one true love.
JUNCTION 2020, a 5-book series
When Mari Stratton attends a New Year's Eve party on the eve of 2019, she and four others are transported by a violent green storm into an alternate world--where her personal dreams come true and her nightmares are all too real. As the portal continues to thrust the five teens into alternate worlds, each must face the things he or she is most afraid of—while evading the Shifters who seek to exploit them as Mainworlders.
Raised by hulking ogres, fifteen-year-old Juniper longs to meet another human. But when an attractive boy becomes trapped on ogre lands, she must find a way to free him before the peace pact between ogres and humans is shattered and the slaughter of villagers begins.
When gilled warriors abduct her kinfolk, Lyndra of Biresk defies her elders to infiltrate the enemy palace. There, she must find a way to rescue her kinfolk while thwarting the queen’s dark plans to avenge the long-ago murder of the princess. 
A commoner pits herself against the Gold Monarch when he raises taxes and sends spiderlike mech-collectors to seize coin from the district's pockets and words from the commoner's minds. At the same time, the royal daughter strives to find a seer who holds clues about defeating the dark-force Entity that will soon devour the city.  
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