THE GRASSY SEA is my YA fantasy that will be released Late Summer/Early Fall 2021.


For seventeen-year-old Lyndra of Biresk, her standing in the village has always been shaky. As a foundling abandoned by her mother long ago, she’s not honored like her guild sister, a storyteller who creates magical images in the air with mere words. She’s not respected like her beloved guild brother, Tonn, who never shirks his duties. With her keen sense of smell—an odd skill she keeps to herself—Lyndra struggles to balance her desires with obedience in her tightly controlled community. Her Guardian narhound sticks close by her side amidst a deadly sickness sweeping the village and ongoing unrest with the gilled people who dwell across the Grassy Sea. 

When the Grassians attack her village’s fishing boats and abduct seven men, Lyndra’s life begins to twist out of control. Soon a staggering secret causes her village to shun her. Determined to prove herself, Lyndra embarks on a dangerous journey into enemy territory, planning to rescue her abducted kinfolk and thwart the Grassian queen’s dark plan to avenge the long-ago murder of the princess.

But as Lyndra finds herself attracted to a charismatic warrior and experiences the exhilarating freedom of Grassian life, she realizes there are no clear choices along the way. 

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