THE ORANGE TREE is my YA fairy tale retelling (fantasy) scheduled to release in November 2020.  It's based on a French fairy tale called "The Bee and the Orange Tree" by Madame D'Aulnoy.

Raised by hulking ogres, fifteen-year-old Juniper can’t shake their belief that she’s puny and weak. Forget doing anything for her clan that’s risky or dangerous—like meeting another human. She can’t remember what being human is like, but she longs to explore beyond the ogre borders and learn more about her kind.  

Then comes her chance. Juniper is finally chosen to fetch the tribute that keeps the ogres from plundering the human lands. She’s startled to find an attractive human male named Nolan delivering the livestock. They can’t speak each other’s language, but they’re drawn to each other like bees to a honeybush.  

When Nolan is hunted by a fierce ogre, Juniper breaks all the rules and hides Nolan in a secret cave so he won’t be devoured. Every day, they scheme to get him home. If she could steal the forbidden magic wand belonging to her ogress mother, she’d have the power she needs. But does she want Nolan to leave? There’s danger whether he goes or stays. Torn between her growing attraction and clan loyalty, Juniper must find a way to keep Nolan—and herself—alive. If she fails, the ogre peace pact will be broken and the slaughter of human villagers will begin.


You can read the original tale by Madame D'Aulnoy HERE.

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