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I'm Carol Riggs, an author of young adult novels who loves to read, write, and do most anything related to books.


My near-future sci-fi, THE BODY INSTITUTE.

In a world where the government monitors how much you weigh and "junk" foods are highly taxed, 17-year-old Morgan Dey accepts a job as a Reducer to help other people lose weight--while inside their bodies.


My fantasy novel, BOTTLED.

Deceived into becoming a genie nearly 1000 years ago, Adeelah is forced to grant greedy masters their wishes while keeping the hope alive of somehow fulfilling her own wish to find her one true love.

My otherworldly sci-fi, THE LYING PLANET.

On the planet Liberty, an eerie Machine will test Jay Lawton on his eighteenth birthday. He's worked hard all his life for his rewards...until one sleepless night when he learns a chilling truth.  

For more info and excerpts from the first chapters, see each book's page. 

COMING JUNE 2017! JUNCTION 2020, my YA fantasy. 
This novella is a tale of alternate worlds, a five-part series that explores the viewpoint of one of each of the five main characters as the story progresses. See Junction 2020 tab for more info.